Monday, 16 March 2015

My school crest on the white shirt

My school crest on the scarf screen printed using turmeric  

I am particularly interested in the oscillation between the official vs biographical voice.  This unique concepts such as integrating a more personal voice to the often official work of art. This project has granted me a chance to assess the effectiveness of rubber stamps on “official vs. biographical” platforms.  The ideas that have arisen from my experiments can be integrated with future projects. For instance, most of the existing stamps are given an official purpose.
 I have also done recommendable experimentation with olfactory art. Olfactory is a kind of art that appeals to the sense of smell. I find it ever so fascinating when I encounter a particular smell and it triggers the nostalgic reveries. It’s interesting how smells and tastes trigger the autobiographical memories. They hold powerful structure  of recollections and make you relive the recollected moment. I have used range of spices and have mixed with different pigments some of those experiments were successful where as others are still at developing stage.

printing  onto fabric using spices .2014
2014 untitled series
spices stenciled onto carpet.

designing stencils
doormat 2014 (turmeric and red chilly powder).

I was particularly interested in aroma and smells and how we associate these smells with our memory.when we encounter particular  familiar smell the associated incident triggers,for instance when I smell turmeric I think of my grandmother,it also remind me of the my beautiful dress which stained. I have  modified some of the Indian and the British embroidery motifs,and have created stencils out of those patterns.These individual designs were carefully stenciled  using range of spices to make it look like a carpet.
My work can be described as embellished carpet that is adorned with scintillating spices that creates a correlation between India and the United Kingdom. Both of these elements represent one culture as so is the other. For Indians spices are part of their culture, as it dominates every aspect of their life and so is the carpet tradition in the British houses. 
My artwork aims to explain to the audience how beautiful it is to mix various cultures in various aspects of life so as to bring out the best in each of the communities involved. 

Foot Loose and Fancy Free, From Here to Eternity at OVADA

Foot Loose and Fancy Free From Here To Eternity
W 488 X H 244 cm 
Engraving, bees wax and acrylic paint on MDF
NancyKaravadra, Foot Loose and Fancy Free, From Here to Eternity
Invitation, translation, specificity, annotation, texture, map-making, countryside to modern city, emblematic, quintessential, documenting, nostalgic, everyday-manoeuvring, walking, terrain, sublime, exploration, material dexterity, geomorphology, traces, pleasing, essence, path, scale, engraving, vividness, harmonious, and contours.
I think doing this exhibition was a great achievement for me.It gave me insight how and what it does take to exhibit your own art work.We named the group exhibition as EMERGE: works in progress. It  was at OVADA, 14a Osney Lane, Oxford OX1 1NJ
 Fri 29 Nov                                6-9pm              EXHIBITION PREVIEW
Sat 30 Nov & Sun 1 Dec          11am-6pm      EXHIBITION CONTINUES
Emerge is an exhibition of works in progress by a group of Fine Art students at Oxford Brookes University.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

final installation

 I think overall my project and exhibition went successfully.I am pleased with the range of work I have produced,although I would have spent more time on certain pieces rather than others. After making some alteration ,These are just a few photos so that one can get a general idea of the atmospheric content of my installations and how it looks when all the elements like mixed media piece,jars with spices,toran,sitting arrangements dress,come together